How one person can take down the internet

Yesterday, there was a major DDOS attack from over 500,000 devices that grinded many websites to a halt. The saddest part about this  story was how simple of a script that imparted so much damage. 

All one needs to do is set up a script (see below) that will enable a bot to search and establish an unencrypted connection of Telecom devices. If they got a response, they would try to login with this list 60 of combination of usernames and passwords: 

Source code.

They then used these 500,000 devices to overwhelm  the servers. 



Why voting yes on Amendment One will kill solar

Most people cannot afford to shell out 10k to equip their homes with solar power. That’s why 72 percent of solar panels on people’s homes that have solar are leasing them from third party vendors. Oddly, Florida prohibits third party vendors, and is only one in 5 states to do so.

However, this year we are given the opportunity to support a bill proposed, paid, and backed  by  the 4 largest utility companies that will destroy solar power once all under the guise of green energy.

Amendment one proponents claim that the bill will finally allow Floridians to utilize energy from the sun. People will be able to get solar and all the while existing customers bills won’t increase. What could go wrong?

Well, the amendment contains language that allows the companies to charge solar  owners extra and to recoup the costs to maintain the cost of infrastructure. The companies will use this leverage they to  make solar unfeasible.

State and local govs shall retain their abilities to protect consumer rights and public health, safety, and welfare, and to ensure that consumers who do not choose to install solar are not required to subsidize the costs of backup power and electric grid access to those who do.

Voting yes, and  you believe the utility companies won’t completely fuck over customers. But, just like in Nevada, the energy companies have shown their previous actions.

Cheap Cooking 




Go to meal

Beans, rice, greens, eggs cooked in butter and salsa.


CHEAPEST Possible Foods:

  1. Beans $0.99 – 1.49 / lb. dry (cooked beans weigh 3 x dry beans)
  2. Brown Rice ($0.70 per lb dry)
  3. Eggs ($0.99 per dozen)
  4. Vegetables ($0.79 – 1.50 / lb frozen)

How To Salt Food

typically for 1 lb of food i use 2 – 4 pinches of kosher salt


my favorite beans: black beans. lentils (only take 40 min to cook vs overnight), and pinto

Seasoning (per 1 lb. dry beans):

  • 8 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion
  • 1 orange (or any other acid. most food is missing acid)

How To Cook: Leave in crock pot overnight, and season with salt only after cooking! 


Must eat leafy greens 

Fav Cruciferous Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage (only $0.69 per head)

How To Cook Frozen Veggies: add seasoning and microwave until done 4 – 10 min

Brown Rice

 eat brown rice, not white rice. White rice has the husk and the essential oils removed.

How To Cook


Extremely difficult to cook eggs properly. But if you can master cooking eggs, you can cook anything!

Emoji eggs

eggs and potatoes

best thing ever

Chicken recipe

Roast Chicken

Chicken Soup

Combine Whole chicken with vegetables. Cook 8 hours. Add beans and cooked vegetables. If you want rice or pasta in soup keep in separate container until you are ready to microwave. The pasta will degrade if left in soup container.



Football and a Divided Nation


Sporting a sweet 1970s afro, Colin Kaepernick is ready to fight the man and begin a revolution. With his protests of the national anthem, he’s taken a stance against the nation’s abysmal treatment of African Americans. He’s caused such a stir that the NFL is prepared for league-wide protests of the national anthem. Hell, the whole Seattle Seahawks will protest the anthem. He’s tapped into 2016’s energy and is furthering deepening the nation’s divide.

Sock debacle

Less talked about are his controversial socks that he has been sporting all training camp.

The Santa Clara police station was upset that the49ets kept Kaepernick on their roster. The station threatened to boycott the games if Kaepernick was still on the team. Even if the station has no intentions to act on their word, to suggest sacrifice the safety of the fans for one player’s stance is the wrong message. It’s not like this is the first time an athlete has used his fame to make a stance about certain topics. There has been a long line of sports heroes that have used their game as a platform for their voice.

Nick Diaz Isn’t Dumb

Nick Diaz and Conner McGreggor recently faced off in one of the most entertaining UFC fights of all time in UFC 202. The was no belt on the line. Just pride. The way fighting should be. Connor was able to knock Diaz went down 3 times in the first round but fought his way back and controlled the fight from rounds 2-5. McGreggor, not surprisingly, was given the split decision victory which leaves a much-anticipated third fight. Diaz left the fight with a swollen face and Conner a broken foot required medical attention. However, the real drama didn’t start until after the fight was over.

at 9:40 into the video, Nick whips out his CBD pen and the reporter asks him whether change is happening in the UFC, whether or not he won the fight, and what he was smoking. Diaz opens up and talks about how he is bringing change to the UFC. He simply won’t follow the leader. He talks about how he is in the organization after they have actively tried to remove him from the UFC. They already did the same for his brother. They didn’t even let him in the building to watch the fight.

What I enjoy about Nick’s personality is that he speaks for himself. He let’s dumb questions from reporters fade into oblivion. He doesn’t care that he smokes weed. He is going to be who he is. It is what got him where it is today. His brother is currently suspended for smoking weed.

It is strange that people are giving him sit for the substances he’s ingesting but don’t realize the fact he just spent the last twenty-five minutes engaged in a bloody war. This thinking expands to the general public as well. The belief that sex and drugs are more egregious than violence. Look at tv programs and movies. They will cut out boob scenes before cutting out someone getting disemboweled. There’s something clearly wrong with this picture.

The Curious Case of Dr. Drew

Dr Drew
Eight days after slamming Hillary that her health is in a rapid decline and is unfit to serve the toughest job in the United States, CNN cancelled the Dr. Drew show.

It’s not hard to imagine Hillary in bad health, given the fact she hasn’t held public press conferences for about a year. She is a chunky, older woman with well-known blood clot, concussion and memory issues. As well as she hides her medical issues, she has used the state of her health as an excuse to get out of crimes.

The Docs Motivation?

I’m curious to know why Dr. Drew spread this story? Did he plan this in his head for a while? Did he want to get fired? Was he trying to garner attention? Or was he naive to believe he was going to make a difference? Who knows but he did redact every word he said while on Adam Corolla’s podcast. And to think, this prompt repudiation happened only a week after bringing up the issue on his show. Probably afraid to be suicided by the Clintons.


Clinton Machine Steamrolls Bernie Bro

Candidate Votes % Votes
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (i) 56.8% 28,279
Tim Canova 43.2% 21,504
Total Votes: 49,783

With the help of the Clintons, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has secured the Democratic Party nomination for Florida’s 23rd District. Ms. Schultz beat Tim Canova, a law professor, who was backed by Bernie Sanders. Though Mr. Canova had a spark of support from the recent DNC email leaks, it wasn’t enough to overthrow the oligarch overlords. And while it is no surprise that the incumbent was able to hold onto the seat, it has been fascinating to see the deep riffs within the political parties as they unfold during this election cycle.

Corruption hidden in plain view

What is surprising is how open the corruption has been this election cycle and the lack of response to these charges. Not one day after Ms. Schultz was forced to resign as Head of the DNC did she get the top job for the Clintons. How can you go from colluding against someone in your party and receive a bonus for doing so? And how big of balls does Hillary have to openly hire her? It is amazing that it doesn’t matter.

Interesting DNC Email Conversations