Learning How To Learn: Week 4 Notes


How to Become a Better Learner

Exercise and New Experiences are Critical

New neurons are born in you hippo-campus every day. These neurons can survive and help you to remember things. Exercising and having new experiences are the two best activities to help these new neurons survive.
Exercise is better than any over the counter drug and vitalizes every organ!

Understanding Concepts

Learning isn’t a linear process. With periods of frustration you will surprisingly find that  you will make significant leaps forward. Your brain is wrestling with the idea and might be reorganizing and making a deeper understanding.

make metaphors or visual analogies.

Don’t be afraid to make new ones either.
All models are metaphors that break down at some point.
Metaphors and visualizations have been helpful in science, engineering, and art.
It’s often helpful to pretend you are the concept you are trying to learn.

Don’t have genius envy

At a high level, understanding why you do something will slow you down. (chess players, pilots, surgeons)

Having a smaller working memory that doesn’t lock in as tightly can be a benefit. With a smaller memory you are able to tie in other pieces of information together and are less likely to be overly attached to your assumptions.

Being smart can hinder creativity and  can encounter due to einstelling.

John McGuire Interview

Put objects in your writing

Clarity First

Stop trying to be impressive, and be completely clear.

It’s easy to get over abstract and too may “-ion” and “-tion” words
ex: nation conversation.

write about the things while writing about abstraction.
Abstraction: nutrition
Things: fruits

  • Things
  • Active verbs
  • People
    When in doubt, write a short sentence.
    Don’t edit while writing. Keep going.
    Print out a draft and edit on paper.

Question to ask yourself near the end of writing

What am I trying to say?
What must I not leave out?



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