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It is a wonderful feeling to have the ability to write text and  then watch your your thoughts and ideas come to life. You can make   real applications and information systems with a simple text editor. I would employ anyone that learning to code is worth the effort and frustration. I have banged my head against the keyboard a good number of times and was very frustrated trying to learn the concepts, but after persisting through the hard times, I can make applications that are only limited by my feeble mind and creativity.


I started to teach myself how to program almost a year ago. I went from someone who dabbled in Front End projects to being able to make fully functional web apps.

Why I chose JavaScript

There are so many computer programming languages. It is hard to choose where to begin. The choices are overwhelming. This info-graphic is a good starting point for beginners. I really liked the comparison at the bottom of the page. However, if I would have followed the advice of the info-graphic I probably would have chosen Python of Java.

So why did I choose to learn Javascript? Well the inspiration came from Derek Sivers. Here is the article in which inspired me to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript s a great

My Struggles and How you can avoid them

I started learning with the O’Reilly books and was a great starting point. They introduce you to making a basic html page, with no technology involved.
After a couple weeks of struggling to understand the concepts, I moved on to the challenges and made a battleship game.
I then started to do the Free Code Camp. This is where my learning took a sharp trajectory.

Free Code Camp

I would recommend FCC for anyone tryign to learn becuase their introductory modules are interactive, challenging, and well documented. The algorithms challenge the beginner and their web projects really make you think, and others are there to help.

However, after working through the introduction videos I would recommend that a significant amount of practice time come through building your own projects rather than using codepen as the base for projects.

What I Learned

View Library: React

State Management: Redux

Database: MongoDB / SQL

Server: Nodejs w/ Express framework

Serverless: AWS

IDE: Webstorm



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