Learning How to Learn: Week 3 Memory and Procrastination

Just like how it takes time to build muscles, we need to do the same for our brain muscles. Do something each and every day.


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How To Tackle Procrastination

  • keep a planner journal
  • commit you to certain routines and take each day
  • arrange work into small pieces.
  • Deliberately delay reward until you finish the task
  • watch for procrastination cues
  • gain trust in the new system
  • have backup plans when you still procrastinate.


    The cue inevitably happen. It’s how we respond to the cue that matters most

    The routine zombie mode your brain goes into when it’s triggered by the cue. Realize this and remind yourself of the task at hand and get back to focusing.

    The reward It’s important to reward good study time so you aren’t as attracted to procrastination

    The belief

    • you believe the the habit is doing surrendering you crave. What is it?
    • What keeps you coming back to the habit.
    • what is the common cue? Is there a way to avoid this without having to use a lot of willpower?

      Process vs. Product

      It’s normal that negative thoughts will appear when first starting a tasks as your shit brain wants the easy way out.
      Focus on the building process, not the end product and your state of mind will be in a better place and you will be more productive.
      The product is the trigger of pain that will stop. Calmly put together your best effort.
      Focusing on process helps you to relax into the flow of the work. When a distraction arises, train yourself to let if flow by.

      Juggling Life and Learning

      Write weekly list of key tasks
      Daily to do list
      If you don’t make a list, persistent todos hang around and take up slots of your working memory, taking up valuable mental real estate. but a task list frees us.
      Planning your quitting time is as important as planning tasks.
      Do the most important task first in the morning. ( at least 1 Pomodoro)


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