Why We Should Destroy the NSA and Dept. of Education 

America will never be able to escape out of its national debt. At over $19 trillion dollars, we are having a hard time even keeping up with only paying the interest and we are in a death spiral we cannot escape.

Government is the workings of keeping the vested interests who have hijacked the government. Taxpayers subsidize millionaire tobacco farmers (totaling $1.5 billion from 1995-2012), collect taxes selling them to its citizens, and subsidize  the department of health billions of dollars to treat people when they are dying from tobacco.  The scam isn’t going to end any time soon as  in 2013 the  Senate rejected an amendment to end tobacco farm subsidies. The governemt has been hijacked by vested interests and the state is too bloated NSA, Department of Education, and Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Education is a terrible agency and should be disabandonded.

Obama administration will require transgender bathrooms in the fall. This is another example of the federal government actively making a situation worse by intervention. President Jimmy Carter introduced the Federal Department of Education in the 1980s. (53:00 Gary Johnson Joe Rogan Experience). And what has the department of education provided us since the 80s? Sure, the government will provide schools with some funding, but with this funding comes mandates. In fact, for every $0.11 the federal government supplies to schools, they require $0.15 in mandates in return. Schools are simply children prisons, and their goal is not to make well rounded individuals, but to get people ready to become wage slaves and make the government money.


The NSA was established by an executive order singed by Truman that the president could appeal. We do not need an agency that spies on Americans. We need to redirect their efforts to have satellites on the bad guys instead of Americans.

Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was performing unconstitutional searches on Americans and former US attorney general Eric Holder, who just a couple of years ago said that Snoweden “harmed American interests” by releasing files,  has come full circle and stated on Dan Axelrod’s podcast that Edward Snowden performed a public service by starting a conversation about government surveillance techniques.

It was created in response to the September 11 attacks. In fiscal year 2011 it was allocated a budget of $98.8 billion and spent, net, $66.4 billion.

With more than 240,000 employees,[1] DHS is the third largest Cabinetdepartment, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.[6]


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