Football and a Divided Nation


Sporting a sweet 1970s afro, Colin Kaepernick is ready to fight the man and begin a revolution. With his protests of the national anthem, he’s taken a stance against the nation’s abysmal treatment of African Americans. He’s caused such a stir that the NFL is prepared for league-wide protests of the national anthem. Hell, the whole Seattle Seahawks will protest the anthem. He’s tapped into 2016’s energy and is furthering deepening the nation’s divide.

Sock debacle

Less talked about are his controversial socks that he has been sporting all training camp.

The Santa Clara police station was upset that the49ets kept Kaepernick on their roster. The station threatened to boycott the games if Kaepernick was still on the team. Even if the station has no intentions to act on their word, to suggest sacrifice the safety of the fans for one player’s stance is the wrong message. It’s not like this is the first time an athlete has used his fame to make a stance about certain topics. There has been a long line of sports heroes that have used their game as a platform for their voice.


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