Nick Diaz Isn’t Dumb

Nick Diaz and Conner McGreggor recently faced off in one of the most entertaining UFC fights of all time in UFC 202. The was no belt on the line. Just pride. The way fighting should be. Connor was able to knock Diaz went down 3 times in the first round but fought his way back and controlled the fight from rounds 2-5. McGreggor, not surprisingly, was given the split decision victory which leaves a much-anticipated third fight. Diaz left the fight with a swollen face and Conner a broken foot required medical attention. However, the real drama didn’t start until after the fight was over.

at 9:40 into the video, Nick whips out his CBD pen and the reporter asks him whether change is happening in the UFC, whether or not he won the fight, and what he was smoking. Diaz opens up and talks about how he is bringing change to the UFC. He simply won’t follow the leader. He talks about how he is in the organization after they have actively tried to remove him from the UFC. They already did the same for his brother. They didn’t even let him in the building to watch the fight.

What I enjoy about Nick’s personality is that he speaks for himself. He let’s dumb questions from reporters fade into oblivion. He doesn’t care that he smokes weed. He is going to be who he is. It is what got him where it is today. His brother is currently suspended for smoking weed.

It is strange that people are giving him sit for the substances he’s ingesting but don’t realize the fact he just spent the last twenty-five minutes engaged in a bloody war. This thinking expands to the general public as well. The belief that sex and drugs are more egregious than violence. Look at tv programs and movies. They will cut out boob scenes before cutting out someone getting disemboweled. There’s something clearly wrong with this picture.


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