The Curious Case of Dr. Drew

Dr Drew
Eight days after slamming Hillary that her health is in a rapid decline and is unfit to serve the toughest job in the United States, CNN cancelled the Dr. Drew show.

It’s not hard to imagine Hillary in bad health, given the fact she hasn’t held public press conferences for about a year. She is a chunky, older woman with well-known blood clot, concussion and memory issues. As well as she hides her medical issues, she has used the state of her health as an excuse to get out of crimes.

The Docs Motivation?

I’m curious to know why Dr. Drew spread this story? Did he plan this in his head for a while? Did he want to get fired? Was he trying to garner attention? Or was he naive to believe he was going to make a difference? Who knows but he did redact every word he said while on Adam Corolla’s podcast. And to think, this prompt repudiation happened only a week after bringing up the issue on his show. Probably afraid to be suicided by the Clintons.



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