Clinton Machine Steamrolls Bernie Bro

Candidate Votes % Votes
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (i) 56.8% 28,279
Tim Canova 43.2% 21,504
Total Votes: 49,783

With the help of the Clintons, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has secured the Democratic Party nomination for Florida’s 23rd District. Ms. Schultz beat Tim Canova, a law professor, who was backed by Bernie Sanders. Though Mr. Canova had a spark of support from the recent DNC email leaks, it wasn’t enough to overthrow the oligarch overlords. And while it is no surprise that the incumbent was able to hold onto the seat, it has been fascinating to see the deep riffs within the political parties as they unfold during this election cycle.

Corruption hidden in plain view

What is surprising is how open the corruption has been this election cycle and the lack of response to these charges. Not one day after Ms. Schultz was forced to resign as Head of the DNC did she get the top job for the Clintons. How can you go from colluding against someone in your party and receive a bonus for doing so? And how big of balls does Hillary have to openly hire her? It is amazing that it doesn’t matter.

Interesting DNC Email Conversations



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