Selective Prosecution Threatens Our Freedom


Nothing amplifies, validates, and exacerbates those concerns and questions more than the government’s inaction, and outright refusal to initiate a full-fledged criminal investigation into the shadow government and secrete server of Hillary Clinton while she ran the Department of State.
— Bernard B. Kerik

You may recall hearing General Petraeus ’ name in the news a few years back for a scandal, but can you remember the details of the investigation? Probably not, except for the fact that he may have had slept with his biographer. National Security was never threatened and there was no justifiable reason for the government to pursue these charges so aggressively. After several stressful years, General Petraeus can start trying to get his life back in order after his prosecution this last April. The former CIA Director was sentenced to two years of probation plus a $100,000 fine for giving his biographer classified material while they were writing a book. His biographer, a Reserve Army Intelligence Officer, who herself possessed a Top Secret clearance, never published classified material nor did she provide the sensitive information to anyone who didn’t have clearance. In court papers, prosecutors recommended two years of probation and a $40,000 fine. U.S. District Judge David Kessler, however, increased the fine, because he wanted to, “reflect the seriousness of the offense.” The zeal with which the government prosecutors pursued Petraeus, and have pursued other Americans who have spent their lives and careers defending and fighting for this country in battlefields, and in the war against terrorism, has raised questions and concerns about selective and political prosecutions.

On the other hand, if you a vested interest who has hijacked the government, you can commit atrocious crimes while knowing the government will not prosecute. ”readyThey can destroy evidence or obstruct the transparency in government by maintaining a secret server on which classified correspondence was communicated. Why haven’t Grand Jury subpoenas been issued concerning her shadow government and secret server to everyone and anyone who communicated with her through their off-the-grid email system instead of through as required? Why was she ever allowed to have a system that could bypass the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act? Her personal system was not secured in compliance with federal law, and it certainly was not maintained to facilitate production of the documents and all records as required.

The persecution of General David Petraeus, and the intentional inaction of our government to aggressively investigate what appear to be flagrant violations of U.S. law, which in all probability jeopardized our national security, are clear indications that selective and political prosecution are rampant in our country. That is a real threat to everyone in America.


Observer Article


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