Gender Is Not a Social Construct


There are two polymorphisms within Homo Sapiens: male and female. There are not 50 gender classifications as Facebook wants you believe, nor is there a way to transform into the other gender.

fb_gender list

So gender identity is something everyone is given to at birth. Gender identity is not a social construct. It is not a social construct that men have ten times the amount of testosterone than woman. I’m writing about this issue because next year, schoolchildren will be able to choose their gender and bathroom, and this decision has some scary implications. Children do not have the ability to make smart decisions about their lives and bodies. Children cannot consent with sex, and certainly do not know that they are of a different gender you were given at birth. We need to stop trying to protect the children from the outside world because you are doing more harm than good. Nothing is preparing the children to deal with life outside of the classroom, and we are catering to the children when they should be preparing to help out our society. If you really love your child, tell them the truth about life and empower and give students the information to make decisions instead of carving out a false reality.



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