The Agricultural Revolution, History’s Biggest Mistake

Our affluence is based off the agricultural revolution and we assume it was a wonderful improvement for our society. Wheat gave more food per unit than foraging and led the explosion in human population. The thought behind farming was if you worked harder, you would have a better life. You would have more food at your disposal. However, we were unable to fathom the full consequences of our decision. Farming simply led to the ability to keep more people alive during worse conditions and we traded a good life for a miserable existence. People did not perceive the fact that the number of mouths to feed would outnumber the gain in food or the fact that feeding them with wheat would weaken their immune system as opposed to feeding them breast milk. Wheat is also hard to digest and is hard on the teeth and gums. But once the agricultural revolution was set in place, there was no turning back.

The agricultural revolution started 10,000 years ago and within the millennia agriculture was ubiquitous through ought the world. We went from living in social groups with a varying diet to becoming greedy animals which housed ourselves off from the world. The Agricultural Revolution has limited our food choices and we were forced to constantly worry about losing our livelihood at any moment due to floods, droughts, or swarms of locust, and the Infectious diseases that plague our society originated in domesticated animals.

During the agricultural revolution, humans were doing little else besides cultivating wheat all day. Wheat didn’t like rocks and pebbles, so Homo Sapiens broke their backs to remove them. Wheat didn’t like weeds so we removed them. We built fences and built houses on the plots to protect the wheat. Wheat got thirsty so we dug irrigation canals.



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