The Govt Gets What It Wants

“The FBI says Apple has the ‘exclusive technical means’ to unlock the phone,”  Snowden said during a discussion at Common Cause’s Blueprint for Democracy conference. “Respectfully, that’s bullshit,” he said, over a video link from Moscow. Snowden was right, it is bullshit, because on Monday the Justice Department asked the court to vacate its order that Apple create such a too since they created their own.

Last month the FBI ordered Apple to make a software that could perform a brute-force password attack to guess Farook’s password, Apple did not oblige, and they’ve been in court ever since until the FBI created their own backdoor, without Apple’s help.So the government isn’t concerned about the legality of hacking encrypted personal data, they only care if they have the ability to do so. And the government will find a way, with or without  help.

Does the Government expect the tech community to continue to support their actions when they are not willing to debate these issues? Ever since Snowden revealed the illegal capture of private data, the relationship between the tech community and the government has soured. Additionally, Apple was able to stand against the FBI in a terrorism case, and garner support. Moreover, against the governments wishes, people are more aware of encryption since the case went public.


The government should not have this backdoor tool. This backdoor without a court order can be used for graft, corruption, and blackmail.  No government should have the power to gain information about anyone at will. With an inquiry into someone’s online activities, you can find out everything about someone. With the information, they can determine  someone’s past, present, and future self. They know where you were in the past. Who you are in the present, and who you want to become.

Wired Article



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