Apple v FBI

Before smartphones were invented, and to this day, if there is probable cause to think that you have abducted a child or you are engaging in a terrorist plot or you are guilty of some serious crime, law enforcement can appear at your doorstep and say we have a warrant to search your home, and they can go into your bedroom and rifle through your underwear to see if there’s any evidence of wrongdoing,” he said. “And we agree on that, because we recognize that just like all of our other rights … that there are going to be some constraints we impose so we are safe, secure and can live in a civilized society. —Barack Obama


So apple is involved in an infamous case against the FBI. The outcome of this trial will set a precedent for encryption standards. Initially, I was against the government having a key to access people’s phones as I felt that the government should not have a tool to access this information as it is prone to corruption.However, If society thinks someone is doing something wrong, and if law enforcement can get a warrant, there should be a mechanism to get access to our devices.

There should not be a way for people to completely guard themselves off from the outside world. If a court warrant is ordered, shouldn’t that be a reasonable assessment and then they can look into the matter. As long as there aren’t  the secret courts the NSA used I would be fine with the government looking into someone’s data as long as there is reasonable evidence to issue a warrant.


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