AlphaGo Pwns All

Alphago has secured its match against the world champion Lee Sedol. It swept the first three matches and was more dominant in each passing game. In game 2 Lee admittingly made mistakes but during game 3 Lee brought his best game but still was overwhelmed. Nevertheless, Lee’s playing ability is  impressive. He was able to push the  Alphago computer to its brink and  to be able to hang with a computer that can calculate 10, 000 moves a second is a feat in itself.

So what is the significance of Alphago and why should we care? Well the techniques employed in AlphaGo can be used to teach computers to recognise faces, translate between languages, show relevant advertisements to internet users or hunt for subatomic particles in data from atom-smashers. Deep learning is thus a booming business. It powers the increasingly effective image- and voice-recognition abilities of computers, and firms such as Google, Facebook and Baidu are throwing money at it.”

The next challenge is to develop ways to cross platform its knowledge. The computers are no more self aware than a word processor and are unable to use their knowledge learned outside of their realm. But with Alphago we have made giant leaps toward deep learning.


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