Trump’s Self-Proclaimed Giant Dong, Little Marco, and Lying Ted

Trump hilariously started the debate calling out Mitt Romney as a weak candidate and stating his unit is ginormous. Marco Rubio claimed he was going to talk about the issues, and then proceeded to join Cruz in trying to bash Trump for the rest of the debate.

I was surprised by the way Fox decided to handle the debate. I was fully expecting the candidates to knock Trump. But what was surprising was the fact that Trump had to debate the moderators quite often. Fox pulled out all the guns trying to discredit Trump. The moderators were unveiling anecdotal stories bashing the merits of Trump University, they used graphics to try and discredit his budget cuts, and many other things.

It seems as though the establishment is in a last ditch effort to make sure Trump does not get the party’s nomination. They would be happier letting Trump run as an independent than give him the Republican nomination. If this were to happen, the Republican vote would be split and the presidency would fall into Hillary’s lap. Now, Robert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, has donated to Hilary’s campaign as well as Jeb Bush, so it’s not really a stretch to believe that the Republicans believe that Hillary is the best option.


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