Dope City

Everything we do is to alter our consciousness in some way; drugs are just another means of accomplishing this. Some drugs like alcohol and tobacco, which has ruined countless lives and are, enjoyed at one’s pleasure in almost every county.  But drugs like psilocybin, which has no addictive qualities are illegal. The war on drugs is one of the great moral failings of our time. It is a great moral tragedy that rapists and murderers are paroled and let out of prison in order to make room for drug users. Taking drugs is an important rite of passage through life. Steve Jobs has said himself that it was one of the best things he did in his life.

It took us closer to a century to win the argument for legalizing marijuana.  We are now in a stage where it is crucial to implement the right rules for regulating Marijuana, because once they are set, it will be hard to modify them. For this reason, I am against legalizing marijuana solely for medical purposes. Marijuana should be legal for recreational use and one should not have to fake a condition to be able to enjoy the substance.

Please read Sam Harris’ essay on the subject for a much better explanation.


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