The Case For Buying Sweatshop Items

Like many things in this world, the right thing to do is not intuitive. To help children in Africa, we can do more by providing them with mosquito nets than giving them textbooks. The money will go much further giving them the opportunity to go to school than the money spent on textbooks.

It feels intuitive that we should not buy clothes form sweatshops. Sweatshop workers are basically slaves. They work in horrid conditions for pennies an hour. Children are forced to sew clothes that us Americans wear once and throw away.

However, we can help people in third world countries the most by lifting them out of poverty. Sweatshops provide the best job opportunities available to low-skilled workers in small countries. Often, the only other options are back breaking farming work, unemployment, hustling, or prostitution. The average daily earnings among sweatshop workers are $2 in Bangladesh, $5.50 in Cambodia, $7 in Haiti and $8 in India but compare this to the $1.25 per day many citizens in these countries live on.”


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