President Trump!



Can this really be true? Can Trump become president?  A year ago I thought this was a laughable idea, this presidential election was supposed to be more of a coronation of a Clinton or a Bush. I’m certainly not laughing now with Trump leading and expected to win big on Super Tuesday. Let’s face it, Trump is exciting. He’s the only candidate that the others cannot prepare for because you can never tell what he’s going to say next. And no statement that he’s made has hurt him whatsoever. It doesn’t hurt when 20% of Trump supporters claim the Emancipation Proclamation was wrong.

So let’s prepare for President Trump because sadly, The Democrats will not win the election. Nobody in their right mind is excited for Hilary Clinton. I don’t think she’ll win the general election either. Hilary is the least bad option with Sanders having no chance at beating a Republican.   Bernie has dug his own grave by using the socialist tag. Being a socialist is worse than claiming to be an atheist. Bernie has stated that a political revolution will need to happen if he were to win and to force congress to change. Sadly, it is the Republicans who are having the revolution with record turnouts and circus show excitement during this campaign season. Certainly Trump and Cruz do not have the character to lead the nation, but then who in this race has a fighting chance that will?

Finally, I want to thank Jeb for the laughs. Jeb is a perfect example what not to do while campaigning.  From losing his domain name to Donald Trump, to asking an audience to, “please respond.” I wish it could continue Jeb, but spending $44 million to campaign in New Hampshire and not placing was the nail in the coffin.


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