Would You Eat A Penguin?




“If you don’t like the smell of burning meat, get the fuck off the planet.” –Immortal Technique.

My post yesterday was about our eating habits and ecosystem. So this got me thinking, what are other foods that we don’t commonly think of eating, and what would they taste like. Well, naturally I thought about penguins.  Why haven’t I ever heard of someone eating them.  They have to be easy to catch, they walk at 2 mph. Is it simply the logistics that make it not economical, or do they taste horrible? They have a ton of fat so I figured they couldn’t be too bad. My friend pointed me to this blurb:

“Dr. Phillip G Law, leader of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition from 1949 to 1966 says: ‘I have tasted a variety of meats from Antarctic species – seals, penguins, skuas. There is one basic rule of greatest importance when preparing them: get rid of every last remnant of blubber, otherwise the food will have an abominable fishy taste.’ … ‘Because of the power pectoral muscles developed for swimming, the meatiest part of the penguin is its breast,’ says Law. ‘ The dense muscle meat resembles ox heart. My favorite recipe is to thinly slice the breast and fry it with a coating of egg and bread crumbs in the fashion of a wiener schnitzel.’ …

Frederick A. Cook, surgeon on the Belgica expedition … :’It is rather difficult to describe its taste and appearance; we have absolutely no meat with which to compare it. The penguin, as an animal, seems to be made up o fan equal proportion of a mammal, fish, and fowl. If it is possible to imagine a piece of beef, an odriferous codfish, and a canvas-back duck, roasted in a pot, with blood and cod-liver oil for sauce, the illustration will be complete.”

So there it is, like most proteins, they need to have a certain cooking technique, and it will taste good. Who else is ready for a killing trip to the Antarctic?


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