America, the Land of Lies


Us Americans have the best country in the world, well at least we are told so. But the reality is that America is in the business of telling lies.

  • We are creating chaos due to our numerous foreign policy blunders.
  • Millions of children go without adequate nutrition. Currently, there are 17 million children with hunger issues in the United States.
  • Our political leaders are liars and hypocrites. We have divorced actor Presidents who told us about family values, but don’t mention his gay child or the AIDS crisis.
  • Trickle down economics don’t work, it is just extremely profitable. David Stockman, the inventor of the trickle-down theory, called out its bullshit himself.
  • We are the only county in the world that believes climate change is a hoax in spite of the daunting evidence.
  • We are by far the biggest spenders on healthcare with over 20% of our pay going to healthcare, yet we receive the 37th best service.
  • Finally, the US runs the largest torture system in the world. America has 5% of the world’s population but houses 25% of the prison population (with 2.3 million prisoners). Solitary confinement is the worst type of torture imaginable. And now we’re privatizing prisons, and making it worse. In some states like Louisiana we are creating school to prison pipelines.

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