Tensions Brewing In Hong Kong

hong_kong.jpgChinese officials confirmed that they are detaining 5 British citizens, one of them being Lee Bo, a bookseller. This is a serious breach of an agreement reached between China and Britain in 1984 on the handover of the colony to Chinese rule. Hong Kong is supposedly independent, but Xi Jinping has been intimidating and politically suppressing the people of Hong Kong.

Tensions have been running high in Hong Kong. Just last week, 90  policeman were injured while trying to stop illegal food stalls selling fish-balls (#FishballRevolution). Resentment has grown due to China’s growing control over the territory. In 2017, there will be a rigged election for the Chief Executive. Young people in China are concerned about China’s intimidation tactics and political suppression, but everyday life issues as well like high unemployment and soaring housing prices are only adding to their fears. China needs to stop intimidating and start trying to cooperate and attract the people of Hong Kong.



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