Why Thorium is a Secret

During the 1940s, the government became interested in nuclear technology. We found that you could get nuclear power from three chemical elements: plutonium, uranium, and thorium. Plutonium and Uranium are the two elements we are aware of. Why have we not heard of Thorium as a power source?  According to Wikipedia, “Thorium is predicted to be able to replace uranium as nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors, but only a few thorium reactors have yet been completed.” Well the problem with Thorium was that it contains no fissile isotopes, which means you can‘t weaponize it. And the government was interested in building bombs, not generating power.

A shift in perception

Our outlook in nuclear energy has totally shifted during the past half century. In the 1950s and 60s people knew that nuclear power was the future. President Eisenhower declared in his Atoms for Peace speech that nuclear power would produce energy too cheap to meter.  Today, the feeling toward nuclear has completely changed. Germany and Japan are removing nuclear energy from their power grid and in the US, coal still dominates. I believe that nuclear energy should be explored because unlike wind and solar, it is a reliable source of energy.  At the least, Thorium should be explored as an option instead of hidden from the public’s knowledge.


One thought on “Thorium, Powering our Future?

  1. Joe, please visit thorconpower.com. ThorCon is a new hybrid uranium/thorium liquid fuel nuclear reactor that can generate electric power cheaper than coal. This is the way to convince developing nations to stop burning fossil fuel — more power per dollar.


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