The Future Self

What if you could live forever? Well by 2045 this could very much be a reality. Imagine creating a clone of yourself, growing a person,  and uploading (all 2.5 Petabytes) the data into the recipients brain. Now, this is very exciting because it throws the fact of who are we as a person and what defines consciousness and being a self. Would that person be you? How would we define a self? Imagine switching bodies or gender at will like clothes.

Head Transplants

In the present day, head transplants are experimental at best.The first head transplant will take place next year. The science behind the transplant is to freeze the body so you don’t have to rush through the procedure. Next, using a 1nm laser you cut the head clean off and fuse the blood vessels together on another body.  Since the spine can grow back 3 nm the spine will hopefully fuse together and with traction (shock!) the spine will work again. Of course, since we are organic creatures, physical therapy would be needed to relearn movements. For example, your right leg could move the left leg (the brain is wacky but will figure it out).

Uploading a brain isn’t even the hard part. Follow this link for an article showing we’ll be able to do this by 2020. The hardest part will be the regulatory hurdles and social implications. But the science and technology are there.


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